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Andre has lived in Fort Collins for over twenty five years. Where he came from is a mystery, but the general consensus suspects that he comes from Sweden. Why? Because his cat still speaks with a Swedish accent and is unaccountably polite whenever he meets a mouse. Never ever ask Andre how many languages he speaks; he gets terribly excited by the question, starts counting until he runs out of fingers and toes, and then concludes that he cannot remember all of them. Legend says that Andre has travelled through many countries, privately and on business, and keeping in mind that he claims to be 153 years old, he must have seen quite a bit. Whether or not his age is true (which you will have to decide for yourself), he tells many stories that sound absurd, but actually happened.

This is What Andre Tells about His Reasons for Helping His Clients

I was born in the Soviet Union. Is this enough to understand why I have ended up in the insurance industry? For a few of you it might be. For those who believe that the insurance industry is supposed to help protect people but do not see the connection to Russian history, I will explain.

It is an early winter morning in Leningrad of 1951. The sky is still dark, and it is very cold. Rare snowflakes are slowly falling in the scarce lights of the railway station. My mother and I are waiting for the train coming from Moscow. My father may be on that train...or he may not. Every time he had to leave for Moscow to report to his commanding officers my mother cried. I, at my very young age, knew very well that my father might never return, as many of his fellow officers in the past did not. There was no way to protect him or us.

Time after time my father returned. Time after time I saw my parents hugging each other in the darkness of the Russian winter morning and the tears of happiness running from the eyes of my mother. This time he returned. What would happen next time? I dreamt of being able to build a high fence around our family so nobody could come and hurt us. It was just a dream.

Now I am older than my father was then. I understand that I cannot protect people against tragic accidents or their own mistakes. All I can do is help my clients protect their standard of living when something bad happens. If the car gets dented in an accident, it can be repaired. If the roof gets damaged by hail, it can be replaced. Nothing can replace a human life, of course, but the widow or children of the deceased can be provided with the means to stay in the same house and attend the college of their choice. At least this can be done. And that is why I am in the insurance business.

Is it in my power to protect you and your family? No. You, however, do have the power. My job is to help you make the right choices and to bring you to a company that can be trusted. You are welcome to contact me and take one of the most important steps in your life – arranging the protection of yourself, your family, and their future. Don’t wait until it is too late.