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Life can be unpredictable, and things happen. We all know that. What we often do not want to think about is that bad things could happen to us. They always happen to somebody else, right? Well, if I'm "somebody else" to you, you are the same to the people around you.

When people come to my office, I always tell them that my job is to inform them about the options they have to help protect their life, family, property, assets– anything that is important for their future. Their obligation to themselves and their loved ones is to make the right decisions. Whether or not they want to fulfill this obligation is up to them.

What happens at this moment is really interesting to observe. Some of my visitors are immediately supportive of this approach. It is obvious that they came to me with the same expectation and are glad to hear that I share their understanding of how we should proceed. The others are puzzled because they expected me to trick them into expensive insurance deals and were ready to resist and protect their interests. It didn’t happen, so what now? The third distinctive group looks at me without any sign of comprehension and asks something like “ So, can you match the price of another insurance company for my car?” For them, everything is about the price of their policy.

It is easy to help the first group. They are my partners in the deal, and we work together toward the same goal – to find the best insurance for their family and for the lowest price possible. Most of the visitors from the second group are reasonable people. As soon as they realize that I am serving them, and not myself, they join the first group. It may take some time, however, to gain their trust. That is ok, because this is my job. The third group usually gets the worst deal. The final decision is theirs no matter what I tell them, remember? And what they usually do is run to the least expensive insurance company in town and buy the lowest-price policy. But it may be a very expensive policy when the price per $1,000 dollars of protection is considered.

I cordially invite you to visit me if you are ready to discuss your situation, listen to my recommendations and make an informed decision. I am ready to give you my full attention, professional service, and great products. You will be welcomed to the family of my clients, and together we can take care of your needs.

Call me at 970-388-2222. Let’s meet and talk.