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What insurance products do you offer your clients?

We offer home, auto, life, health, and business insurance. We also provide workers’ compensation for businesses. We are proud of the quality products that we have to offer.

However, our main focus is on our relationship with our clients. We bring professional knowledge and expertise to the table, in order to serve the client in his or her decision-making. It is always our clients who make their decisions for themselves. After all, it is about the client’s life, the client’s dreams, and the client’s money. Who would know better than the client what is best for him or her?

What is your philosophy?

In a very simplified form, our philosophy is protect first, and grow assets later. We can help our clients protect their assets by helping them pay less in taxes, keep benefits and fight inflation, and by properly insuring what they value most. The situation of every person is unique. We focus on individual planning and a long-term approach.

Who should seek your help?

It just depends on where you are in your life, what your goals are, and how much you care about yourself and the people you love. In the end, your common sense and your decisions based on our recommendations may make a remarkable difference in your life. We promise to do our best in assisting you in protecting your future.

What are common mistakes that people make in dealing with professionals in your field?

In our office, we have a pretty long list of mistakes that people make when looking for our services. It helps us and our clients to avoid them. You are welcome to contact us and have a more detailed conversation on this subject. However, here is an excerpt from our list.

  • Not giving the agent/representative any trust
  • Only looking for the lowest price
  • "I can do it myself"
  • "I can do it tomorrow"
  • "I will not tell everything"
  • "They all want me and my money"
  • "My employer, the government, etc. will take care of me"

You expect your clients to understand the solutions you offer and to make their own decisions. I know very little about protecting my assets. Can I still be your client?

Our expectation is that you, as our client, are ready to spend some time with us, helping us understand your situation and your plans for the future. In turn, it will be our job to explain to you what actions we recommend, if any, and why we believe that these actions could be beneficial for you and your family. After we make sure that you are comfortable with your level of understanding of our suggestions, we ask you to consider whether you want to implement them. Throughout the entire process we are available to you and your family to answer your questions and provide comments and explanations. It is our goal to ensure that you completely understand our proposal before you make any decisions.

What happens after I become your client and we implement the plan we worked out together?

We have to stay in touch. Life tends to bring changes, and our services have to reflect your current situation. You are always welcome to contact us and discuss any questions you might have. Every time you experience important changes in your life – change of job, marriage, birth of a child, purchase of a new home or auto, etc., please contact us to review your new situation. Even if nothing significant happens, in your opinion, it is a good idea to meet with us regularly, at least once every two years, to make sure that you have appropriate protection. We do not charge for reviews, and usually it takes about 30 to 40 minutes to have a comprehensive discussion.