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"All that Andre has acomplished for his clients is because of this woman ... and me."
Manfred von Eisenheim, Andre's Cat


If anything good finally happens with our clients, it is because Paulina made it happen. After Andre helps our clients decide what has to be done, the difficult task of doing it right is assigned to Paulina. Please do not think that Paulina is just filling-in endless pages of paperwork. She speaks several languages, has a college education, and frequently comes up with suggestions that help us improve our solutions for our clients.



You don't see any picture to the left, do you? This is because we have a number of support teams that are invisible to you. They are experts in the different institutions we contract with, and we work with them very closely. Every proposal and certainly every product we offer you is checked by them to make sure that we serve you well. Thank you, invisible teams, for helping us with careful and close attention.